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Our Products

From the best cattle and sheep selected breeds grown year round in our high standard farms, we process prime beef and lamb in state-of-the-art, accredited facilities.

We market and guarantee year-round delivery of our premium beef and lamb products to more than 26 countries around the world.

Imagine a business where your every meat requirement is available, and if it isn’t quite yet imagined, we can create and customise it for you.

Maria Trading’s reputation for high quality products and our commitment to food safety and sustainability means we have an extensive product range, premium positioning and can deliver products specific to every business’ needs.

100% Natural Fed

the best quality meat

natural food recipes made from our own production

proffesional healthcare solutions for animal welfare

Own recipes
Own Production

We design and create sophisticated natural food recipes made from our own production and healthcare solutions in order to assure animal welfare and the best quality meat.

Premium Quality Meat

unmatched quality

carefully sourced and hand-selected for the best quality

distinctive consistency, superb texture and tenderness

Guaranteed Superior Quality

Our seamlessly integrated business activities and consistently high standards for quality grade ensures that the Maria Trading meat is versatile, nutritious and quite simply the best

Bovero Premium Beef

Under the Bovero brand, we hold our premium meat to the highest levels of quality and consistency, ensuring you serve premium beef that delivers unparalleled flavour every time. Our clients appreciate the Bovero premium beef for its superb tenderness, juiciness and full flavour.

Specialized breeding programs and nutritional regimes have been implemented in conjunction with our leading scientists to produce the highly Bovero premium beef brand. We design sophisticated healthcare solutions and natural food recipes made from our own production in order to assure animal welfare and the best quality meat.

In order to achieve superior quality, consistency and uniformity 52 weeks of the year, only a small percentage of cattle are selected for the elite Bovero premium beef range, to guarantee tenderness and deliver an unsurpassed eating sensation.

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La Dragalina Beef & Lamb Specialities

Our La Dragalina lamb is widely renowned due to its distinctive consistency, delicious flavour, superb texture and tenderness. This is the result of being naturally raised and fed with carefully designed recipes by our nutritionists with ingredients from our own production, in order to assure a guarantee of quality from farm gate to plate.

La Dragalina exquisite specialities are underpinned by quality assurance, animal welfare and environmental management. In order to assure the best quality meat, we are dedicated to growing only carefully selected breeds and, before slaughtering, the lambs are individually and expertly assessed by professionally livestock assessors.

Like all good food, lamb reflects the way it has been grown. The taste and texture of superb lamb isn’t arrived at by chance. It requires hard work and care. La Dragalina is about a dedication to quality you can sense from the first bite, a feeling that you’re enjoying the finest lamb raised by people who’ve spared no effort in bringing it to you.

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